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Thanks From the Troops

Emails sent to MoMs USA from troops in Afghanistan:


We all appreciate everything you do. Getting mail is the highlight of our day, even though not everybody gets mail,  we share the goodies inside. Socks are great, Candy and munchies are awesome,  the personal hygiene items are also very appreciated. Afghanistan is not like Iraq and many FOBs have very limited resources for buying these needed items.

Thanks again! Very Respectfully,

Jared Wiggins CPT, AV TF 4-227 S3 Plans

Well, may I tell you --- we have gotten tons of cookies!  We received around 80 boxes a few weeks ago and just yesterday we got 26 boxes more!  Our mail has been mail for days to weeks then, BOOM!  Three tri-walls at a time!

I'm happy to report that in addition to brightening the days of our "Fobbits" ("Fobbits" are troops who live behind the wire on the FOB. It's a little inside joke, a play on the term "Hobbit" but it cracks me up to use it) here on FOB Sharana, the cookies have made their way "outside the wire" to Special Forces units and embedded Human Terrain Teams living in villages nearby.  I hope you take pride in knowing you've brought smiles to some troops living in extremely tough conditions!

Thanks so much to you and all the Moms!  When the word gets out about these cookies we will have a steady stream making their way into the center just as we did with the first shipment.  It will truly warm you heart to know what delight you bring with this wonderful outreach.  I'm well aware how expensive the cookies and the shipping costs are so I want you to know it's greatly appreciated!

All the things you mentioned -- peanuts, socks, toiletries, and the Psalm 91 bandanas -- will go very quickly out here.  This FOB is slated for closure within 6 months so they have begun shutting down some services such as the PX on this side of the flightline.  We are down to two meals a day and those are rationed. Since the DFAC only serves lunch and dinner now, the USO is the only place for the troops to get hot coffee in the morning and I have a pot of oatmeal cooking so at least for some there's a chance of a hot breakfast.  

For the troops,



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