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MoMs USA is dedicated to the support of the brave men and women of the US Military through the raising of funds to help meet their needs. MoMs purchases and ships supplies and materials to our military, especially those deployed on foreign soil. Fund-Raisers help to provide the encouragement, love, support and as much of “home” as we are able to provide to our brave who are serving America .


Our US Military give us their ALL... What can we give to THEM?

  • A belief in the Philosophy of MoMs USA lest we become a house divided.

  • A willingness to give of your time to plan, lead and participate in the fund-raising activities of MoMs USA.

A few things to note:

  • MoMs USA is not a support group for its members, although its members will support one another.

  • MoMs USA is not an information exchange although its members will share whatever information they have.

  • MoMs USA is not a prayer group although its members will pray for one another and the members of our Military and our national leaders.

  • MoMs USA is not a social group although we will gather to celebrate, honor and pray for our Military.

  • MoMs USA is a group dedicated to fund raising to meet its mission. It is a call to service!

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